The Game released his album 1992, with diss track toward Meek Mill included. But is 1992 more than just that? Let me answer that question for you real question, 1992 by The Game is dope. The album 1992 is themed around the 90’s music scene as well as the LA riot of 1992. Album is put together really well and I enjoyed playing it from beginning to end.

Stand out songs are “Savage Freestyle”, “Fuck Orange Juice”, “The Juice” and “The Soundtrack”,

“Savage Freestyle” works as an introduction for the album. The song lays a strong setting to the story The Game is setting up. Two layers of beats and good lyrics.

“Fuck Orange Juice” is a clever song talking about not only OJ Simpson the great Football player, but how he views the world towards his culture.

The transition to “The Juice” I felt was clever in itself. “The Juice” is the game enjoying his moment in life. Having “The Juice” is just being that nigga, being aware of who you are and knowing that your moving on to bigger and better things.

“The Soundtrack” is an iconic song for how relatable it is. Best line is, “The soundtrack to the ghetto is the Chronic”, at least on this song. In life we have albums or playlists that is a soundtrack for a time and place, for The Game and others that relate to his lifestyle, The Chronic was the world to them.

1992 is a very educated and self-aware gangster album. Album has layers and is very descriptive. The story it paints is straight forward which is the lifestyle of a gang member, why they go this route and why gang lifestyle is an actual lifestyle. I give this album 4 TAU symbols out of 5. I can see this album being played more than once over a period of time. The production on 1992 is just right. I don’t get the same feel I did when I first heard The Documentary but this is still a dope album.

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