Decided to run to Best Buy to get the physical copy of 4:44, which was a good decision.

On 4:44 the bonus tracks are “Adnis”, “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family” and “MaNyfaCedGod”. Why he left these tracks off the digital album, no other reason than marketing and album sales.

“Adnis” is the name of Jay-Z’s father and that is who all this is about. The first verse is a small biography about his Adnis. Jay-Z releases anger on this verse as well with the statement “I’mma fight you, nigga”. Even with his anger you feel a level of understanding in Jay-Z’s lyrics. Adnis second verse is Jay-Z talks about his father’s drug addiction and where Jay-Z him self went astray.

Blue’s Freestyle is…interesting. I’m not sure exactly all she was saying but she went in. The second part of that song is “We Family”. In “We Family” Jay-z talks about losing Beyonce and that she can never get away even if he has to call upon voodoo spells.

James Blake, who released Colour in Everything, produced not only “MaNyfaCedGod” but also Adnis”. These are the only two tracks not done by No-ID. “MaNyfaCedGod” is the true ending to not only the album but the pain and demons within Jay-Z. Jay-Z has one of the hardest set of lines in this verse. Where he puts all together the consequences.

Goodfella, don’t gamble with your life, this ain’t Casino
Cost him two mill’ plus the child support
We’ll get the money back, but not the child support
It’s getting too late, we can’t afford mistakes
Woulda broke me down had you got away
It woulda broke me up had you took my child away

Understanding what would of happen the love of his life would of left and the repercussions. Most men have to deal with child support once they divorce or separate from their spouse but not everyone can get the money back from other losses.

If you want to read my review of the whole album check out the first review. I really appreciate this album and all the gems within it. Jay-Z talks about his personal demons and his growth as a man. This is a somewhat of how to do better by Jay-Z and many of us should be avid students of these lessons.

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