Roland TR 808 has a rich history that has not been dug into…until now. Apple Music decided to make a documentary about the 808, how it started and how it hold a special place in music.

The Roland TR 808 is a machine that has been in DNA of Rap and Hip Hop music since day one. It made it possible for someone of the inner city to make their own sound and career with such a simple device. Many great producers have used it and many great songs have been produced with this item. Marvin Gaye used the TR 808 when he left Motown and Sexual Healing was created. Phil Collins used the TR 808 for his solo career. Hip Hop heads know that rap would not have its distinctive sound if it wasn’t for the 808.

Apple Music did a good job with this movie. Zane Lowe narrated the movie with many guest features. I am surprise they didn’t reach out to Kanye West for his input, since he made 808 and Heartbreak. If you have not seen this movie I would suggest that you do. Great knowledge and story behind this movie.

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