Nomad – Nova

The progressively growing Nova has released his album with the title Nomad. I have high hopes for this album but will it meet the unsuspecting criteria of other listeners? Nova who has been known more for his music production for artist like Dutchboy and 6lack, released a 10 track album […]


Soundcloud is on of the best websites out for music. Soundcloud offers up unique artist that have not blown yet and podcast for every topic. One producer that is making a name for himself on soundcloud is NOVA. Nova is full of beats that are amazing to the ear and […]

Songs For The Week 7/16

If you have been looking forward to these I am sorry for the delay. Been busy but on the real that is just an excuse. Sex Cult – Helios Hussain I’ve been waiting on this man album for over a year. 1000 – P. Reign/ Preme I may have shared […]

Kickster Interview – Trenton

In my adventures through Kickster, I met a few amazing characters that left a good impression with me. Today I bring to you an interview with a user I met on Kickster. TAU: State your name and where you’re from. Trenton Phillips. From Granville, Ohio IG:Trenton614 TAU: We met on […]

The Rise And Fall Of Tauology Pt. 3

In this episode of The Rise and Fall of Tauology, we did a rough edit because I switched up to using a GoPro. I was using my iPhone which, I might go back to it honestly not sure yet. Music from @soundsbynova and it goes hard. In the next episode, […]

When I’m Not Around – Dutchboy

I’ve been following Dutchboy since I heard of Nova so I was pleased to know that Dutchboy was dropping an album. Highlight songs on the album are “West Ting”, “If You Knew”, “Times”, “If You Knew” and “Another Interlude”. “If You Knew” is the second song on the album and […]

Words In Grey

Over the week had the pleasure of getting an interview with the Poet, Genesis the Greykid. He has a few mixtape that if you haven’t heard you need. His mixtape is a series called, Grey Skies. There are three of them in total but, today we are going to talk […]