So I made this playlist almost as a joke to myself and also just addressing myself and the love I search for. Each song has a meaning for me. Some songs relate to a certain woman in my life and some songs are just dope as fuck and are relatable overall.

Track one – Run To The Sun is where I decided to start from. A leaving setting from one love to the unknown. Accepting the fact that something did not work out.

Track two – U is a song that brings up a memory of a woman I really loved but the timing was terrible for the both of us. The sorrowness of the song fits the overall mood of the ending of what me and what that woman had.

Track three – Belong To The City is a song for the Thots and Hoes that I fell for and still do fall for.

Track four – From Time is a center point or a reflection of interact with women for me at least. Drake’s acknowledgement of his love lost and chasing of love is what makes this song honestly, one of his best songs to date.

Track five – Cece’s Interlude I always want what I can’t have…

Track six – Midnight Hour is a late night recall of old flames and forgotten mistakes, for me at least. I don’t want to be forgotten by the woman I shared valuable time with.

Track seven – The Less I Know The Better is when you have to detach from someone you care for. You have to separate yourself from people sometimes.

Track eight – Ol’ Mistakes is me calling myself out for being a repeat offender of chasing love and being hurt by it. I did the listener a favor by adding the Rihanna version because I didn’t want to have two Tame Impala songs back to back.

Enjoy and I hope you like what I put together. I look forward to making more in the future.

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