Returns from her ep “purrr!” With the album Amala. Amala is 13 tracks with soothing vocals and relaxing productions. First heard Doja Cat on a soundtrack, I want to say it was Imperial Dreams with John Boyega as the main character.

“Go To Town” is Doja Cat’s opening track and is also her stand out single.

“Game” is so upbeat and instantly gives you a bop vibe. Doja Cat gives her opinion of game and being blindsided.

“Casual” deals with not only casual sex but casual relationship. Doja Cat asks her love interest basically where this is going.

Doja Cat spits on All Nighter. She describes her night life of activities as well as closed out the album. The hook is catchy but I am more impressed with her first verse. She tears it.

Overall, Amala, is a smooth and fun album. Since this album is titled from her first name feels like the aim was to be personal with her audience. Her style of music is different from common RnB acts. So, I will be playing this until she has more music for me to digest.

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