It has been a week and a day since the release of Astroworld by Travis Scott. The tracklist and missing features for Astroworld has been all types of alluring but how is the album on the ears?

Astroworld is 17 tracks and just under an hour long. The features on Astroworld are not listed so as a listener we are treated to a surprise when we hear vocals from a different artist besides Travis.

The album starts off with “Stargazing” which was part of the album’s trailer. Travis Scott continues to evolve his sound while staying himself. Ablibs are consistent and the songs switch up sets a different energy. The transition to “Carousel” we receive words from Big Tuck. Big Tuck is part of Dirty South Rydaz rap group, based in Dallas, Texas. This feature or snippet is important because it goes with the Southern based theme of Astroworld. Frank Ocean makes an appearance on “Carousel” using autotune to thin his voice and drops a versus, as well as a chorus.

The next song can be summed up with an video from DJ Akademiks.

After the beat rode for a bit, Drake vocal cut through the instrumental. Many were disappointed with the beat switch on “Sicko Mode”. Travis Scott still goes in on “Sicko Mode” and rolls the track back to Drake to finish. Drake mentions be knocked out on Xans on a flight which seems to be an important selling track for this track.

“Stop Trying To Be God” from the title sounds like it is aimed at Kanye West since he is always referring to himself as a god. Kid Cudi gives out majestic humming that only he can do, in the beginning of the song. Philip Bailey, who was a part of the legendary Earth, Wind and Fire, sings “stop trying to be God” and other background vocals in the Hook. James Blake closes out the song serenading over Stevie Wonder’s harmonica. “Stop Trying To Be God” is one of Travis Scott’s deeper songs as far as meanings go. In some aspects, Travis appears to be talking about his self, in others an outside point of view. In time what he is talking about will become clearer.

“Yosemite” featuring Gunna and lowered vocaled Nav is a stand out song for sure. “Yosemite” is produced by Turbo The Great and June James whom have done many songs with Gunna so it seems. Gunna’s verse can only really be described with an Arthur video.

Even Nav’s lack of level vocals was amazing to me. I feel like it played into his old persona of mystique. Since Nav’s voice was lower than Travis Scott’s and Gunna’s the beat was able to breathe. Many on twitter made fun of the accident but I want to believe it was on purpose.

The production on Astroworld is amazing from beginning to end. All the producers on this album did amazing work. From Three 6 Mafia Samples to the small details. The path of Astroworld is an emotional journey as well as scenery changing. Travis Scott fans waited quite a long time for this project not to mention fake release dates and early singles but he did not disappoint. Astroworld has moments where you can relate it to Days before Rodeo, but the two can not be compared. Astroworld is dedicated to Texas. Astroworld is home through Travis Scott’s mind.

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