Here and there, I go in search of new music something to match my current mood. Listening to Spotify playlists I ran into an artist named Ben Howard, amd his music did not disappoint. The name of his most recent album that released in 2014 is titled I Forget Where We Were. The cover album is too dope. The single for this album is the same as the title of the album. Stand out songs are the intro track, Small things, In Dreams and End of the Affair. The album overall is smooth. The general topic is relationships and the dark side of it. In the song End of the Affair it appears he loses his composure that he worked so hard to keep through out the album. Breaking down towards the end of the song, he questions many things and wonders why he is at this point. Love can drive a person crazy but with Ben Howard it seems to bring him to a state of epiphany many times over. May be that is why this album is pretty good. Overall rating is an 8/10. I played many songs over and over again because they were that good. Below is the my favorite song give it a try.

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