In the constant search for new artist, I stumbled upon a song called, “Young In Hell” by Aye Cue. My next step was listening to Aye Cue album, Birth of A Dawn.

Aye Cue mixes a style of spoken word, interludes and the way he sees the world in a 33 minute album. In Aye Cue’s first single, “Young In Hell”, he describes a lustful relationship with a lover involving drugs and excitement. “Young In Hell” has a catchy feel and sound to it, entranced by the rhythm that gives a bounce. “Young Outlook” is fascinating partly for the usage of the word, “liberated”, used in a verse. “Young Reflection” criticizes those that focus on glamour and spending money instead of the important things like building credit and uplifting the community.

Birth of A Dawn is just that, a beginning. For Aye Cue to release this as his first album, is very impressive. The album is enjoyable and he has a good ear for beats, rides on beats well and has room for growth. With Aye Cue working on his craft and doing different things his next album will be a step above his movements from birth.

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