Some people don’t know what it feels like to not have value in your country. I had dream last night after I watched both Alton Sterling and Philando Castile tragic “accident” more times than I should had, and it was not a good dream. The dream I had was a counter to our grandfather’s father’s dream. In my dream I came to realize that no matter what I do I am powerless and I am nothing. If a cop pulls me over, I am at his whim of whether I get to live or die. If a situation is misunderstood by any party it can lead to someone being put to an eternal slumber. This dream frightens me to a core I have never felt before. Yes I am speaking from a minority perspective because that is what I am, but I am able to understand topics on many different levels like most humans. Being a cop is an extremely tough job. To be an law enforcer is a career that words can not describe how hard it is. BUT people are dying at rates that is now becoming questionable. With Mr. Sterling’s case, an officer on top of him as if it was the ending scene to Mixed Martial Arts fight. Sterling’s Back pinned to the ground, one arm grabbed by another officer and his other hand under a car. The officer yelled, “He Has A Gun!!!”, less than five seconds later bullets are piercing his chest and his soul is beginning to take a leave of absence it won’t return from. Could we not have decided or confirmed if Mr. Sterling had a gun or not before we tackled him to the ground, from what seemed like a normal talk between three men. Can you understand what it feels like to have your hands tied behind your back about your own life?

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