Big Krit finally dropped Cadillactica and it does not disappoint. The idea of this album is Krit made his own planet and on this planet he decides what is God and important. On a first listen a few songs jump out and catch my attention.

“Life” eleavates the listener in a way of receiving birth and also being introduced to what roams around in this King’s mind.

“My Sub (Big Bang)” which should always be on his albums. This song is made for those who have those two twelve’s and above in the trunk. Made for the car rattle like to midgets in the backseats wrestling. (see what I did there)

“Cadillactica” the title track was a sort of a disapointment because the teaser had me super hype after I played it over 101 times. The beginning of the song goes too soft for but trust it does not disappoint.

“Standby” is similar to Banana Clip Theory which was on King Remember in Time, production wise. This could be considered a poetry joint. Something you could hear in a lounge of sorts.

“Saturdays = Celebration” is a hype track for those that need to focus before a game. Kris drops real bars with the example

Ain’t no tellin’ if I’ma get it right
Look to God up-under city lights
Pray to God, he wanted me to ball
Cuh being broke ain’t really living life

Overall I would give the album a 7 out of 10.

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