Childish Gambino releases the video for his newest “This Is America” and it has the masses talk about the message behind it.

Childish Gambino since his last album “Awaken, My Love” has been putting deep messages within his music, tours, as well as music videos. In this surprise video, “This Is America”, there are many different symbolism that Donald Glover and Hiro Murai use. The people of Twitter have said that the first person you see in the video is Trayvon’s Father but there are no credits to go off yet so no need to go on that theory.

From the first couple seconds you can gather that Childish is America in this video. America is protecting its right to bear arms as well as gunning down minorities that are apart of America. America is running a muck throughout this hangar while using dances moves and samples from the people he kills. The gunning down of the choir could of been influenced by the Charleston church shooting and the bits and pieces of riots could be a foretelling.

I do have a question of why did Childish Gambino have his shirt off in the whole video? At the end, I believe the people are coming for America sooner or later.

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