On a night of prowling through the city, a friend of mine was playing a playlist on spotify and an artist named Cities Aviv popped up. I guess what would be considered an single from is album are URL IRL, World of Pressure and Don’t Ever Look Back. On spotify I heard World of pressure and instantly I was entranced by his style. The whole album is rapped like he is far off in the distance or talk to you through the back of your head. Every song has a message and is meant to propel you forward as a person. Some of the beats like Head have a sonic the hedgehog feel and we all loved the production of sonic the hedgehog. Album can be played smoothly from beginning to end with sounding boring or bothersome. Stand out songs are Head, URL IRL, Perpetuate the Real, and the other 2 singles. Cities Aviv style is different, not really lyrical but is good with words and his voice meshes well with his music.

Album overall is 4/5. Great production, subject matter is clear and concise and style is present. Not sure or positive this artist will blow but just know where you heard of him first. His message for listeners is to find yourself and do what you enjoy. Video below of URL IRL

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