I am writing this on July 18 but it should be published on September 24, a day after the first collection drops. I want to shine some light on some of my designs if you will allow me too. I made a total of five designs to sell but I actually drew up about 8 or more. Due to money and not having many options I had to cut and drop it down to five. When being creative, at least for me, you want whatever is in your head to come out exactly how you want. That is why I have to scrap some of my ideas and even then I had to edit some of the ideas I had. Low key I did not like that at all but it is what it is. One design that is sure to be produced and hopefully enjoyed is the Nightlife t-shirt. It really swayed from my initial paper design but I feel that it came out nice in the end.

Next two are my staple shirts. One is just the tau symbol and the only is the logo tauology. Dualistique helped with the symbol design and he helped me touch up the tauology shirt. Honestly he helped touch up any and all designs. These two designs I want to be in every collection that I do. Low key I am proud of them because I did them. I always wanted to design some shit just never put enough faith in myself, but as of late I lost so much that I felt like I hit rock bottom. When I was there I realized what I want in life, what is important to me and what I need to progress forward as a person.

Ok.,so these confessions blog post will be a sort of one on one with me. It let you the customer, viewer, fan, friend, tauologist inside my world. I will try to explain things as best as possible. I find I am pretty decent with words and I like to share only to those that care though. Until next time Moondoggie.

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