A week or so after my line drops. Good luck.

A message to myself above. That a topic reminder. So it has roughly been over a month since my release. I have only sold one shirt and the feedback I have been getting from the designs are very few. Foolishly, I came into this thinking that success was about to unfold when I opened the store. I was quickly humbled. I realized this is not even half the work I have to put in to reach the pinnacle I want. The goal for Tauology is to reach levels such as H&M and BBC but in a different way. I realize that I have years upon years until I can even reach the coattail of that. Its hard because I equate this to failure and being shut down. But I know that one thing I lack right now is exposure. I know that it takes time. Just need to be patient.

Thank you for reading by the way.

Ok, so these confessions post will be a sort of a one on one with me. It will let you the customer, viewer, fan, friend, tauologist inside my world. I will try to explain things as best as possible. I find that I am pretty decent with words and I like to share only to those that care though. Until next time Moondoggie.

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