On this confession I, TAU, will talk about one or two of my designs. So sometime soon we will release our Spring collection for 2016. There are about five or six shirts that will be for sale. As of right now we are considering doing a pre-order.

First shirt is, the floral print TAU symbol. I love floral print. It fits the season, it can be calming at times and I could never afford a nice floral printed shirt. I like the idea of men wearing floral print. Especially if it is pink. Men are not soft for wearing floral printed shirt if anything it makes you more fashionably cool. This shirt is my favorite for this season.

Second I will touch on a shirt aimed towards women. “Beauty Has No Frame” is a special shirt to be because it can be personal to who ever buys it. I put a frame around the text to give it more of an art feel. Painters would often do paintings of their lovers or their muses at the time. Beauty doesn’t have a set size. A women is beauty no matter if she is a size zero or a double digit number.

Third shirt is called Alluring. Some women are attractive beyond words or reasoning. This shirt is for them. Women are captivating. They can silence a room just by walking by. Alluring is something all women are.

Ok, so these confessions post will be a sort of one on one with me. It will let you the customer, viewer, fan, friend, tauologist inside my world. I will try to explain things as best as possible. I find that I am pretty decent with words and I like to share only to those that care though. Until next time Moondoggie.

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