Since Joe didn’t give his 2¢ yet I’ll give mine in aim to make a dollar.

I first heard of the young god, Dyme-A-Duzin, when he released “That Chicken” some time last year. Ever since I heard that song I’ve been awaiting his album Crown Fried which released July 6th of 2018.

My favorite tracks on Crown Fried are “Stadium Lights/Posters”, “Show Out”, “Fake Brooklyn”, “Rollie Dreams” and “Whispers”.

“Stadium Lights/ Posters” starts off with what we think of New York, loud, proud people of the city and hungry in many different ways. Dyme-A-Duzin floats on this track all the way until the transition to “Posters”. “Posters” is Dyme’s both idolizing and aiming at his heroes, which is the backbone of Hip-Hop. Every rap artist gets to a point where they have to believe they are the best, artist deal with denial often in their career so Dyme making “Posters” is the most apporaiate thing to do with this song.

Got to have a good track for the woman and “Whispers” gives that. “Whispers” has a chill, loving vibe, dope song. “Rollie Dreams” comes right behind “Banga'” at track eight, this was a leading song as well for Crown Fried as well. On “Rollie Dreams” Dyme-A-Duzin shows his flow and his accepting of fame at his current moment.

Crown Fried in total is an hour and four minutes long, but the album feels so much longer. “The Heights”, which is a dope intro, is six minutes long with a switch up towards the end and track three “Stadium Lights/Posters” is five minutes long. Not sure why, but I felt winded before I got to the middle part of the album. I will say all the other tracks average around above three and a half minutes. The music is good but the length of some of the tracks made me tired. Even the ending track “That Chicken” which is could be considered a hit, is over the five minute mark. I have been looking forward to this album for some time and I struggled to get to the end. Beyond the timing this is a good album, Dyme has something to offer Hip-Hop and with the right people and artist around him he can do great things. This album was made with New York in mind and I hope they are listening to this album. But take my opinion with a grain of Seasonal Salt with Crown Fried and listen yourself.

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