Denim jeans are a popular purchase, good denim represented the blue collar working class of America. In recent years, denim jeans have been fashionable, take a look at Levi’s, Lucky Brands and Ralph Lauren ( the thatslast one is kind of a reach but aye) and now we are in a time period where distressed denim jeans are the popular fashion trends. Because of the trend Crysp Denim is born.

From what I gathered Crysp Denim is still in its beginning stages but still have great looking denim products. Crysp Denim main focus is making great denim products with a great price point. As far as their material is concerned I have not touched their product with my own hands, but with the material details, their material is 98% cotton and 2% spandex for a little bit of a give.

Even though I am not able to purchase a pair of these jeans I am more than interested to know what Crysp Denim has next. Clothing on the internet can be fishy at that’s why it is always best to buy something that is cheap as an experiment, but not too cheap because that can spell disaster.

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