Once Hip-Hop begun it was all about the DJ. For those that don’t know what DJ stands for it stands for Disc Jockey. DJ’s played at all the parties and had everyone dancing and grooving through their music selection. The next level was the MC which stand for Mic Checka or Master of Ceremonies (I like that definition better). The MC was the assist man to the DJ. MCs played a minor part to the DJ until they didn’t anymore.

Examples of DJ’s when Hip Hop first started were DJ Kool Herc, DJ Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash were some of the popular and well known DJ’s in the beginning. In the video below we have Soul Sonic Force which shows how the relationship was between DJ and MC.

The beat and music was the most important part of the party and if the DJ sucked he was getting stoned to death or booed off stage. DJ’s started the party and ended it.

As time progressed the Hip Hop scene changed. Instead of DJ’s having the main attention the eyes went to the MC to see what he offered. The two collaborated to a new level to be a stronger team. Eric B and Rakim are a huge example of DJ and MC connection. Eric B laced the track, Rakim killed the track with no cuss words. I honestly don’t remember Eric B rapping on a track, I’m to young to even know for certain. Somewhere in the middle Rakim and Eric B went there separate ways because of label issues.

Eric B continues to make music and Rakim continued to rap. Events similar to this one is what made Hip-Hop change. MC’s started to figure out they don’t have to be with one DJ or producer. This once against changed the culture of Hip-Hop. Rakim led the way for other artist to have a successful career like 2pac, Jay-Z and Biggie.

Fast Forward to current time, 2016, DJ’s and producers are climbing back to their current throne. We have Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, and Sonny Digital, producers that are known for their beats to the point we don’t care who is really rapping on the beat as long as the production is fire. If you don’t believe me look at the current chart numbers and the producers that work with them.

But at the end of the day I’m just a young blog so what do I know…

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