I don’t listen to the radio so I know nothing of singles now a days, with that being said, Meek Mill released his new album on June 29. As I listened to his album the chunk of it sounds heavy tupac influenced, a little to heavy. Three songs of the fourteen songs line up are titled around tupac ideas, which are All Eyes On You, I Got The Juice and Ambitionz.

Stand out songs are Lord Knows, Jump out the Face, The Trillest, R.I.C.O, Pullin up. R.I.C.O features Drizzy spitting bars and Meek spitting equally as hard about there level of success. Views. Future adds style to Jump Out the Face, and Nicki Minaj is featured twice once for a single and again to add a softer side of meek mill.

The intro, Lord Knows, is what we expect from a meek mill album or mixtape, aggressive and real. Meek carries on with the Philly sound that he is known for, you get the full feel in songs like Check and Cold Hearted. That message by Diddy though!?!?!?!

Overall rating 7/10. 2015 is a tough year because so much is going around. I fear that this album will be played but might be overshadowed because of timing. Album is good, I can image playing it 10 times in a year and coming back to it from time to time.

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