what if ether was released when twitter was around.

When a diss track is released I usually head to twitter before I even hear the song. (I haven’t heard SHEther yet, I’ll get around to it eventually.) On twitter they do an extremely good job of hyping up whatever issue is at hand. For example the diss track with Remy Ma towards Nicki Minaj. Twitter as always have a field day with the material. Because of this I started to think, what if the track Ether was released during this day and age.

Ether has been said to be one of the best diss tracks in history, for its power, timing and making direct shots in a time where sneak dissing was the move. Ether’s uppercuts and hooks were in the third verse. He made a mockery of the Roc-a-Fella label name, took shots at Dame Dash and Jay-Z, and took personal shots on different levels. Granted Jay-Z did the same with Takeover, but Nas main aim was Jay-Z’s neck. Nas knew of the possible repercussion that would ensue from this war but went in head first.

Twitter being the monster that it is would of took that song and made millions upon millions of memes with it. If you don’t think Twitter plays a part in rap beef and music you are dead wrong. Go ahead and research the Drake and Meek Mill beef and tell me where you stand. Comment below what you think the think the outcome would of been if Ether would of dropped during this social media era.

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