Chance the Rapper has a mixtape called Coloring Book and on that tape there was a song called “Summer Friends”. The man that is sing in the beginning and does vocals in the background THAT is Francis from Francis & The Lights. Francis & The Lights recently released an album called Farewell, Starlite!. Farewell, Starlite! is only 32 minutes long but is a must listen.

Stand out songs are “Friends”, “Thank You”, and “See Her Out(Thats Just Life)”.

“Friends” features Bon Iver, who does the first verse and Kanye West who only really has one line. “Friends” is about an ended relationship that continued to just being friends. Being there for one another for support. It is rare the a relationship can end and those two people can be just friends.

“Thank You” personal favorite, puts an end to the album. “Thank You” is only a minute and 37 seconds long but finds a way to complete the album as if it was the last scene in a play.

“See Her Out(Thats Just Life)” serves as a good intro with powerful lines. Topic of song is about not being able to escape life. You have to confront your fears and problems before they trap in, the damn world is a cage.

Francis sounds like the lead singer of Genesis, Peter Gabriel, to me so he automatically catches my ear whenever he speaks. Farewell, Starlite! is a story about a broken and rebuilt relationship. Following the story is a little difficult, I decided to lookup the lyrics on Genius, helped a bit. I enjoyed the album, I am giving this 4 TAU symbols out of 5. I was very surprised when this was I checked the genre of this artist and it was labelled Hip-Hop. Guess they couldn’t figure out anything else.

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