New Artist, Jahkoy, released his long waited for album Foreign Water and it has been a buzz for all listeners. Jahkoy comes from Toronto,Canada, bringing a mixture of music to the table. Jahkoy raps, sings, writes his own lyrics and produces. The complete bundle of an artist in one person, but can he deliver on this project?

Stand out songs on Foreign Water are “Don’t Beg”, “Selfish” and “1000 Times”. “Don’t Beg” starts off with a medley that would be matched with the ocean, calm and peaceful. “Don’t Beg” is letting go of love that is not suited for you. Don’t beg for something you know you deserve like a good relationship. “1000 Times” has a spacey caribbean vibe in the beginning then finds its rhythm and gets you moving. Jahkoy raps are not bad either. Jahkoy touches on lost love that he wants to return to his possession in “1000 Times”.

Foreign Water is overall 3.5 out of 5. I enjoyed listening to this album. You can hear the youth in his voice but that doesn’t mean he is inexperienced in life. Jahkoy songwriting is straight forward and descriptive. Foreign Water is only seven tracks long but does leave you wanting more from the artist. Go check out the album, leave your comments and feelings below.

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