Happening in the Grey Area is an album released by Amir Obe who appeared last year on OVO sound radio. HITGA dropped on December 15 with only two features, PARTYNEXTDOOR on two songs and Eli Sostre. The album is smooth through to 11 tracks. The single for the album is one of the feature tracks with PARTYNEXTDOOR, Truth For You.

His style is very unique and changes often on this project. He comes off very blunt in his raps. He has no time for woman’s emotions and isn’t afraid to let them know, with lines such as “Spilling feelings, let you air it out I don’t care what you care about” and “Kicking women out the studio
Hoes be fucking up the process”

Top songs are VIP, On A Ride, and The Only. On A Ride explains how hard he is going and how he doesn’t have time for bullshit or anything close to it when it comes to work time. The Hook captures it all, “I ain’t got no time (2x) Quiet for all that I’m on a ride”. On VIP the line “I recorded all of this in project housing/ I just skipped the pat-down and I snuck an ounce in” gets me every time. For how real it is. The Only, is a bridge of the EP and makes things come in full circle. He speaks on his emotions towards the woman he had the strongest feelings for.

“HITGA” gets 4 out of 5 tau symbols. Giving this album an exact number is hard because it is different from the previous body of work he did, Detrooklyn. Even still, this album is unique in its own right. HITGA covers the black and white of his situations and topics that he covers.

NOTE: Spotify is missing the track Truth For You head over to soundcloud to hear it.

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