Nickelus F creatively releases his single and video for STUCK, which is “I Ain’t Cried Yet”.

“I Ain’t Cried Yet” is directed, shot and rapped by Nickles F a.k.a Nick Fury. The detail of the songs has already been broken down lightly in the album review so the goal is to focus on the way the video was shot and viewed from different points of view. Nickelus F describes this video as “A chilling depiction of life in the tar pit”, which may be a good tagline for “I Ain’t Cried Yet”. As the video starts you immediately get a gloomy and dark feel as if something is uncomfortable. The woods feel like the Blair Witch Project and you have no chance of escape. The next scene is a silhouette of a man’s face. Throughout the video you don’t see the man’s face but you do see the city.

The city gives off a vibe that you don’t belong there, but you are. Nickelus F lack of color or use of one color per feeling is very unique. The Reds catch your attention to alarm the senses, red is in most of the video. The driving scenes can be related to “Training Day”, where a lot of the movie takes place in the “office” and the office is where most of the character development happens. Without these drives and pics of the city you wouldn’t understand why he hasn’t cried yet.

The city can make or break a person. In this situation the rough areas of the city, the two gentlemen showing body language of square-up, the EBT signs, and the hanging struggle make up a major add to a mental state of being stuck. I’m just glad Nickelus got up.

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