Once a week I live on SoundCloud. I was put on to a DJ of sorts, by @RenaissanceSlik. This DJ name is Illadell. Illadell’s unique DJ tag is a Gucci Mane soundbite about not having sauce or being lost in said sauce. Sidenote: Manz didn’t know about sauce. I reached out to Illadell for information and about what he does.

TAU: State your name and where your from?

ILLADELL: ILLADELL from Charleston, SC born and raised!

TAU: What is the story behind your name, how did you come up with it?

ILLADELL: The story behind my name has to do with The Roots & J Dilla. The first album I ever bought with my own money was The Roots – Illadelph Halflife and thats where the base of the name comes from im also not from Philly and J Dilla comes into with Dilla I was going to be Dilla Dell at first but that was too much of a rip and I couldn’t do that. So in ’08-09 I started going by ILLADELL and it stuck. My government is Lydell by the way lol.

TAU: In your own words, tell me and the people what you do?

ILLADELL: As far as what I do, a couple of things I rap not often as I should but I do and I am also starting to DJ more but I have been making chopped and screwed (my version is sauced up, with respect to DJ Screw) for a few years now

TAU: I was put on to your music from either @jaymfbig or @renaissanceSlik but either way big ups to them.

They shared your Cousin Stizz sauced up mix. shit goes bro.

ILLADELL: BIG UP @jaymfbig & @renaissanceSilk and everyone else who has been listening to my music, I appreciate it!

TAU: What is your favorite mix that you did so far?

ILLADELL: I love all of my mixes, I can’t make a song or mix that I couldn’t play myself. I love listening to my older chops and seeing my growth and seeing how far of come. As the ultimate goal for myself is wanting to be a chopstar and just DJ for the rest of my life.

TAU: What inspired your style? From listening to your music sounds similar to chopped and screwed but with a different.

ILLADELL: My influence to my music with the chopped and screwed it’s definitely DJ Screw, I use to cop his bootleg tapes whenever i would see them and just listen to them all the time. This was around the time where you could actually hear C&S tracks at the end of rapper’s CDs like 8Ball&MJG, Lil Flip, Chamillionaire etc… also OG Ron C, Slim K and the rest of the chopstars played a big part along with Michael Watts and Swisha House.

TAU: Has anyone ever hit you up to do a sauced up version of their song?

ILLADELL: Yeah I have local artists hit me up but I haven’t gotten anyone “famous” to hit me to do a chop yet but I have gotten recognition from A$AP Ant & Twelvyy, Michael Christmas and a couple others. I also do a Sauced Up tape of all local artists from SC called “Palmetto Purple” which are songs I like by artists around the state and I put the sauce on their tracks. The fifth tape will be dropping next month so be on the look out!

TAU: What exactly is “Sauced Up”?

ILLADELL: Sauced Up is my version of Chopped & Screwed. With respect to DJ Screw, I knew I wanted to do what he did but make my own version of it and just make it as down to earth as I can but still add my own flava to it. So I came up with Sauced Up last year and it stuck.

TAU: I noticed your DJ drop is a gucci mane soundbite, what made you use that?

ILLADELL: Haha yeah my tag is from Gucci “If you aint got no sauce, den ya lost!” When I started making chops seriously I remember that noisey interview he did, ripped it and made it my tag and its been my tag ever since.

TAU: How do you choose what song you want to sauce up?

10. Honestly, I chop songs I know I’ll listen to because I do listen to my chops and I can’t put out music I wouldn’t listen to. I have been venturing into a couple pop artists like Demi Lovato but mainly I just sauce up Hip-Hop and R&B/Soul artists. I will do popular tracks of course and try to get my name out there but ultimately I just chop music I like and if others fuck with it and enjoy it they made my day/week whatever I’m just glad people listen and really enjoy my music.

TAU: (I always ask this question) Are there any questions that I missed? Any thing you want to want to talk about?

ILLADELL: This ain’t part of the interview but can we put C&S tracks back on the end of albums those were so dope back in the day and would be great to see again! Thats my last thing lol

For those that don’t know C&S stands for Chopped and Screwed. I had a slow moment and didn’t know.

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