Born and raised I personally feel like I have to give back to the city that is a part of my DNA. I recently interviewed Milfie who is a female MC from Detroit, Michigan. I reached out to her to have a chat about her art and the city a bit.

TAU: State your name and where your from?

Milfie: Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! I’m Milfie. Straight out of Detroit, Michigan. I’ve been here my entire life.

TAU: So I have to ask because it is playing with my mind, where did you get name Milfie from?

Milfie: I was 17 when I got pregnant and my friends started calling me Milfie. That shit was in 2011 and from there I really stuck. All of my friends and even people I didn’t know, knew me as Milfie.

TAU: Going through your catalog you have four songs that are all you and one feature. where can someone find more music from at?

Milfie: Right now, I’ve only released four songs but I have so much in the stash and I just waiting on the right time man. Timing is everything.

TAU: Your lyrics are raw and raunchy like Trina, what was a influence to your aggressive raps hard?

Milfie: My music is pretty damn raunchy because that’s just who I am. Not because female rappers before me rapped about sucking dick on the track, but because that’s just who I am. I love sex and money and I love love. I’m from Detroit, I’m multifaceted. I love hard shit and being fucked slow. A lot of my music is going to be raunchy because it’s just me.

TAU: You go Old school Detroit on SkateLand how did this song come to be put together?

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Milfie: Now Skateland? Filthy Rockwell is a damn genius lol he produced the song and gave me inspiration for the hook. I’ll beat that bitch with a bat? Lol that shit is so tough. From there, I just knew I was gonna go crazy. The song is just about hanging out with my bitches and taking niggas.

TAU: Brownskin goes hard by the way how did you work on that?

Milfie: Brownskin is about how once you get that nigga, you show him why he needs to respect you. My best friend, the, Monalyse and I made our first song together. She’s really my best friend and we were supposed to make a song together months ago. Shit, a year ago. But now that we didn’t do it, we can’t stop. We’ve been working on so much lit shit man. She was the first person I told that I wanted to rap and she just told me to go for that shit. I knew when I heard the beat and started writing that I wanted my best friend on there.

TAU: I heard that you are a single mother how does having a child fit into your rapper career?

Milfie: Being a “single mother” is touchy because I’m not single and my son’s father is amazing. He helps me so damn much and he and my son are so good to me. They are two of my biggest supporters. My son gets to come to the studio with me sometimes and when he can’t, I see the hurt in his face lol but he also understands. He’s the best man and all he wants is for me to succeed in whatever I do.

TAU: What ultimately made you want to be a rapper?

Milfie: I’m rapping because I love it. I love music man and I plan to do so much more than just rap. This is just the beginning, watch. I may think of more to add but I wanna send this off now lol

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