Lance Skiiiwalker is a mix of R&B, electronic, energy and good vibes. I first heard of Lance Skiiiwalker from soundcloud where he first released the song “Speed”. He gathered over 10,000 plays in less than a day. I was looking forward to this album ever since “Speed” was released.

Introverted Intuition is Lance Skiiiwalker’s first album since being signed with T.D.E. Let’s see what this album is all about.

Stand out songs are “Speed”, the single, “Lover’s Lane” and “Reality”.

“Lover’s Lane” is the single for “Introverted Intuition“, not sure if “Speed” counts as a single. “Lover’s Lane” is layered with violin and vocals from Lance Skiiiwalker. Repetitive hook matched along a good beat makes this song good enough to have a video to go along with it. “Lover’s Lane” is Lance Skiiiwalker expressing his love towards a women he is chasing. In the lyrics, he shows that it is real love and not something he wants to let go.

“Reality” is the Outro to Introverted Intuition and has a mellow vibe, where Lance is looking for someone to relate to. “Reality” production is unique and the first sound in the beginning of the song is very familiar but I can’t place where I heard it from.

The energy packed song, “Speed” will get you on your feet and should be played at every party. Definitely starts off wild but as Lance Skiiiwalker gets into a state of realization everything slows down, not a lot though.

Introverted Intuition is a good introduction album from Lance Skiiiwalker. Don’t know what to label this album as and that is a good thing. This is a album that is just music filled. I give this a must listen to 3.5 TAU symbols out of 5. I enjoyed listening to this album and I am sure you will too. Video for Lover’s Lane is below, pretty funny in a sad way.

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