Thanks to Facebook ads and other fashion lover like Upscale Vandal, I have heard a few things about John Elliot and his brand. When a brand catches my ear I have to research what they are about. Going into the companies about page he shares a personal brief straight forward story about what drove him to his current position in life. From that paragraph you can tell that he takes his time and great pride in the details of his clothing.

Price tag is not to bad but it is not in the park of normal streetwear or designer brands that you would buy at the mall. I found two pieces that immediately caught my attention, The Sashiko Cropped Tee and Escobar Sweatpants.

The Sashiko Cropped Tee is very unique because it has two different stitches pattern on one shirt. The top stitch pattern is YOKO-JIMA (横縞) which translates to horizontal stripe and the bottom stitch pattern is KōSHI (格子) which translates to check embroidery print. I really like the design of the shirt, 100% cotton so it should be soft to the skin. If purchased be careful how you wash this product.




Escobar Sweatpants on first look feel super comfy to wear. Fabric is 83% cotton and 17% Polyester for a stretchy sweatpants. For colorway, the Dark Grey Duo and the Sage colorway look nice. Small note the solid color sweatpants are only 100% cotton.




John Elliott is unique and I didnt know he was in the fashion game since 2012 – 2013, with his first collection releasing in spring. If you get a chance to purchase or see this brand you should and you should enjoy it.

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