Kenzo and H&M did a collaboration to have a luxury for the middle class. (Is there a such thing as Middle Class though) Kenzo combining their style with H&M is a different. The colors are vibrant and the price tag is a little expensive for what I expected from H&M. Still the Kenzo X H&M collection should be looked though and noticed. Thanks to Harpers Bazaar I went through their “50 Pieces To Shop From The Kenzo X H&M Collection” and picked out clothing that stood out to me.

dark blue jacket

This article or clothing is honestly in my mind the best piece to me. The jacket keeps its color but does not standout to far. The jacket looks warm with the lining on the inside. Long enough to be a trench coat perfect for winter.

red blouse jacket

Another red tiger print but this is a jacket blouse. Looks light and fitted around the chest.

Blue tiger jacket

From the picture not sure if this is a jacket or a long sleeve. The tiger print in blue that reaches a little to the neck.

Jungle paris shirt

Basic T-shirt design, center of the design is the themed tiger that has had its print all over the collection.

spanish dress

This dress resembles a dress you would see in Mexico on the country side. Colorful and full of tradition, it is different to see it in a big retail store.

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