In my adventures through Kickster, I met a few amazing characters that left a good impression with me. Today I bring to you an interview with a user I met on Kickster.

TAU: State your name and where you’re from.
Trenton Phillips. From Granville, Ohio

TAU: We met on Kickster and I want to know how was the app introduced to you and what made you download it?

Trenton: I came across the app when it was new. I exchanged some e-mails with Chris, president of kickster, and I wanted to be apart of something special. Kickster is a great community for sharing pics, ideas & even exchanging restock news. In the future, the plan is to have stores located in every state & have the ability to purchase shoes through the app.

TAU: What shoes are you currently wearing?

Trenton: I am currently wearing UGG slippers because I’m just lounging around home, lol. I was wearing my Jordan XII Bred “Flu Games” earlier today when I was out shopping. I love the Breds but have been pretty disappointed in quality with the Jordan brand as of late

TAU: what introduced you into shoe culture?

Trenton: I grew up in a private school; Newark Catholic. We weren’t allowed to wear normal clothes or stunt in class other than with our shoes. We all had to wear Chino pants & a white polo. No emblems were allowed either. So I got into shoes real hard in 7th grade & my parents took care of me. I had the Kobe line from his small bid with Adidas & I had a few versions of the Jordan XI & XII’s. People couldn’t help but stare at my shoes. Sometimes I broke my pencil on purpose just so I could strut around the room & flash my J’s while I sharpened my pencil lol

TAU: Adidas Or Nike?

Trenton: Man, I gotta go with Nike because I’m OG. The Jordans were the shoe everyone wanted growing up. However, I give major props to Adidas for stepping up their game & changing the whole culture. Their new stuff is innovative & comfy. And Jordan’s quality has really been an issue lately. Even my Space Jams & Royal 1’s that I’ve been waiting for forever let me down. So now I’m pretty equal & I rock with both of them. I could very easily be saying Adidas as my favorite in the near future if Nike doesn’t get more creative & quality doesn’t improve.

TAU: What was a shoe purchase for you that was out of character?

Trenton: I wouldn’t say anything is out of character for myself. I like to be outlandish. I got a lot of hate for my Adidas Kobe Crazy 2’s when I rocked them. To me they were beautiful! Others though it took time to appreciate. They were modeled after the Audi TT. Which is strange because it’s a car but innovative nonetheless. My Alexander Wang x Adidas run clean Boost have generated a lot of funny looks but those people don’t appreciate the greatness. Others go nuts when they see them. I get the same reactions when I wear city socks. If you ain’t messing with those shoes then you probably don’t appreciate a lot of great new shoes that have been introduced over the last 3 years & have really changed the game.

TAU: One time in my travels of reselling shoes for money I got scammed (I was EXTRA SALTY) have you ever been scammed?

Trenton: Scammed? Yes. Did I lose anything? No! I’ve learned the hard way, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is. I’ve had my bank accounts frozen from people sending me bad cashier checks. I deposited them, they cleared & were in my account but bounced 2-3 days later. Luckily I never shipped the shoes yet. I even told them I was going to wait to make sure it’s good. So I didn’t lose any shoes but they have caused a headache for myself. Now I have business accounts for selling. That way if I run into an issue, my accounts get froze, then I still have access to other funds in other accounts & other banks. I hate scammers as much as I hate fake shoes!

TAU: If not what is your most salty story you can think of when it comes to shoes?

Trenton: I had a friend lose a pair on Jordan XI Pantone & a pair of pirate black Yeezy’s all in 1 transaction. He lost the shoes, didn’t get the money, and had his accounts frozen & then closed. He was blacklisted from that bank. I felt bad for the homie but I tried to tell him. I think he only got blacklisted because he was a newer member of the bank so it just didn’t look good.

TAU: Yeezy’s or Jordan’s?

Trenton: Man, I gotta go with Yeezys right now. Again, I’m OG so I love my Jordans but quality is poor right now. Yeezys are just so comfortable, you don’t have to worry about creasing & they are light weight. I hope Jordan can get it together this year. I know they’re working on releasing an all red JordanXI for the holiday season of 2017 so I hope they are solid. They did a PE version for CP3 & from what I’ve read they are almost identical. But I also read that they were releasing concords again this year. Either way, just get the quality back to where it use to be.

TAU: What is your favorite sneaker story?

Trenton: I watched a video online where this kid was getting picked on for his shoes. It clearly was getting out of control. A group of other classmates all pitched in & got the kid his 1st pair of Jordan’s. I loved everything about that article. Reassuring to know the world isn’t completely f’d up.

TAU: What are a grail shoe for you and have you purchased them before?

Trenton: The Red October air Yeezy 2’s are my absolute favorite. PJ Tucker actually wore them for the Raptors in game 1 vs Cleveland on Monday. I would give anything to go back to the day they dropped & buy as many as I could. Nike didn’t announce anything about them. I saw they did a last minute drop on them & nobody knew about it. I liked them at the time but I didn’t feel the same way I feel about them now. They really just kept growing on me.

TAU: How can sneaker culture be better in your opinion?

Trenton: I think the sneaker culture could improve if nobody supported the fake manufacturers. I know not everyone has the money at times to get authentic ones but I just hate fake shoes. I know Adidas has been making a killing on their shoes & UA manufacturers are actually making more. Because they are supplying more. And then that leads into people scamming others & passing them on as authentic. So scammers are even making a killing by selling fake shoes. Just all around bad

TAU: What is the best way for someone to get into shoes if they are just getting into it?

Trenton: I would say find a local retailer & establish a great relationship with them. That’s what I did. And trust me, it took time. But they appreciate the returning customers & familiar faces. I have a store locally where I can get pretty much any Adidas I want & I have a store for Jordan’s as well. I don’t even have to do raffles. I pay in cash for my Jordan’s on the Tuesday before they release. They write me up a slip & I pick up my pairs & receipts that Saturday. With my store for Adidas, it’s not as great but I’m still guaranteed a pair of whatever I want that they get. I just can’t get a bunch like I can Jordans. If you develop that relationship with local, noncorporate businesses then they’ll do whatever they can to return the favor. Do you think they would rather sell a pair of Yeezy’s to some guy who is only there for himself or sell the pair to a loyal customer who buys everything & anything from them & they can count on seeing that same face in the future. The Yeezy’s, NMD’s, UB’s, etc. will sell themselves. That’s why it’s great to have that relationship & look out for your loyal customers. Again, it takes time but it also makes me feel great to get a text message offering me whatever size I want in a shoe you would normally have to fight for. So glad those days are behind me lol.

– Trent

To find out more about Trenton and his shoe collection Follow him on Kickster or Follow him on Instagram

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