Kollar Clothing finally released their Autumn / Winter collection, I’m already in love with it. Kollar Clothing is a Toronto based brand that you should know about already. Today as of September 28 they released their newest collection and the clothes are a stand out and desirable.

Kollar | Autumn Winter 2016 Lookbook from Kollar Clothing on Vimeo.

Above is short video by the brand that acts like a lookbook of sorts.

Skimming through their catalog for this year you can see they have abundance of Long-sleeves, Hoodies and Jackets and only two pairs of Jeans. Both Jeans have distressed details on them, 98% cotton and 2% Elastane. The Jeans offer a rough stylish look, more so the The Lane Destroyed Denim than the Xanx Denim

The options for upper garments are alot. You have many to choose from with different details. One of the styles I like was The Dean Pullover, Long string is removable, pocket on one of the sleeves, though in the picture you can’t tell how thick the sweater is. The Dean Pullover doesn’t come with a hood and thus the reason why the string is removeable. The Classic Overcoat and The Hilton Classic Bomber Jacket I can see selling out really fast. The Classic Overcoat looks nice because I feel like it is not doing to much. Woven Wool on the outside and a clean sleek material on in the inside. The Hilton is Kollar’s version of a Bomber jacket. Once again not doing to much but giving you what is necessary, multiple pockets, a warm inside for the Winter months, only hard decision you have is Black or Gray. You want to be different Gray. A few pictures below and for more head to Kollar Clothing right now. A few pictures below of their clothing.




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