Lucky Brand is an American Based clothing line that specializes in denim, so soft. Lucky has been around since the 1990, so they have a extended history of fashion. First time hearing of Lucky Brand was through Costco if recalled correctly. They had a good deal which came to be 50 percent off. The denim was extremely soft but you could tell that it would last for a long time. Paying attention to detail, in the zipper they have stitched “Lucky You”. Adds to the luckiness of the clothing. With the wording on the inside it can be easily missed, but it is personal to have it there. On the back side of the the jeans is their logo, stitched below the belt loops. On the inside of pants, they have lucky clovers on the pockets and the buttons. As soft as their denim is their shirts are just as soft. They are made with a blend of Ployster, Cotton and Rayon. Their designs are pretty nice but when you buy the shirt you wear it for the comfort. If you are looking forward to buying and trying these you can go to Lucky Brand online to the physical store. Amazon and Costco often has deals on this brand also. Always good to try something new.

Check pictures below.

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