After a long wait and a few mixtapes, Tory Lanez releases Memories Don’t Die, his sophomore effort. After Tory’s first album I was hoping for noticeable differences in Memories Don’t Die like a cut back on skits. Tory Lanez improved on that and many other things with this album.

Tory started “Memories Don’t Die” with an intro, I almost threw my phone. I stayed patient though because that is the only clear skit of the album. “Old Friends X New Foes” showcases a style Tory usually leaves for his mixtapes. I always enjoy when Tory crams two songs into one. They always compliment one another and the audio break in a way resets the mind. New foes comes directly afterwards with Tory talking greasy.

Shooters is one of the best songs on the album. “all I wanna do is go out trappin with the shooters” will be my annoying line of 2018 so far. The beat produced by C-sick, who I think has done work on The New Toronto tapes, outdoes himself on with this track. Certified banger. I’m surprised this single didn’t get more play honestly.

Hate To Say is an important track on Memories Don’t Die. Tory lanez speaks on multiple things. Beef with Drake, remixing songs having issues Travis Scott and ultimately bringing everything to an end.

Connection, Fabolous never lets me down. To give credit and not leave anyone out, Davo does the second verse and Paloma Ford helps with the chorus. Hillside, why does Tory sound like The Weeknd or am I tripping going?

It is important to touch on the story of Tory Lanez how he lost his mom at a young age. Happiness is the story of Tory losing his mother years ago. Song is dedicated to his mother I’m sure. Tell me let’s the artist ask for answer from others point of view. Seems to be speaking to a lover or past ones. Just peeped this song is 8 minutes long.

Memories Don’t Die is a good album and has a good of both of his mixtape series, New Toronto and Chixtape and Fargo Fridays if you know about that. I want to give Memories Don’t Die a 3.5 out of 5. Album is great not much replay value but does have deep cuts.

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