Recently, within this year, Jordan decided to sponsor Michigan University. Being a person that was born and raised from Detroit, Go Blue!!! I wondered, WHY?!?!

Then I quickly decided not to care when I saw the Jordan logo on the jerseys and saw how lit they were. But I was still curious. Was it because Charles Woodson, an Michigan alum, spoke to Jordan and pulled some strings? Was it Desmond Howard the Heisman Icon who could of been best friends with Jordan and the brand? Or was it Jim Harbaugh, who is the mastermind behind all of this?

Come to find out I was two for three with my brainstorm. Charles Woodson is the one who got the ball rolling and Harbaugh along with the Athletic Director Jim Hackett finished it and made it complete. I put in the research so you can Trust Me Daddy!!!!

As of Today Michigan is 5-0 so GO BLUE!!!

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