Fourteen days ago from this date Cousin Stizz released his highly desired tape “Monda”. This album is a follow up to “Suffolk County” and our cousin does not disappoint on his newest project.

Stand out songs are Wanted To Live, 500 horses, which was released before, Every Season, Down Like That featuring Larry June and Reup and Bake. Stizz has many different ranges of flows on this project. For example, 500 Horses stays in a constant drive from beginning to end. He carries his vibes as he paints his surroundings and his grind. Down Like That which features Larry June (Good Job Larry) is the only outside addition on this body of work. They both do a good job of sharing the song and connecting verses. Every Season is showing a major boost of confidence from Stizz. He knows he is hot and on a wave as of right now. Recently, he was in NY with Pigeons and Planes for the no ceilings concert. I think he has a right to claim a few season passes.

I feel like “Monda” is a classic album. I give this Album 4.5 out of 5. I feel the ending missed me a bit. Still dope songs but the vibes felt different. The songs may grow on me later though I will admit. Cousin Stizz is doing great for himself. With this sophomore album he shows that he can be consistent and his fan base believes in him as well. Listen to the tracks below and keep an ear out for our family member.

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