I plan on doing this every once in awhile when I find music that has been lost to most people. We both will see how this will go. As of late, I have been heavy or aiming to be heavy in jazz. When I say Jazz i mean blue jazz. In an era when afro-americans were running the scene and the headliners where the sorts of Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charles Mingus. I was introduced to Miles Davis from Ski Beats who is a legend when it comes to samples and producing in general, for example Dead Presidents, need I say more. Here is the Ski Beats song that led me to this genre.

Blue and Green By Nesby Phips.

Here are the other songs that have been on repeat on youtube and in my mind.

Charles Mingus – Moanin

Miles Davis – Blue in Green

John Coltrane – Blue Train

Honestly now that I think about it, I think I would make Spike Lee proud with this selection.

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