Blood Orange, real name Devonte Hynes, recently released Negro Swan on August 24, 2018. This Indie Pop or Alternative Pop, album has been in the ears of a few people not only because of its features but for its music as a whole. The title alone is interesting with the usage of the word Negro, esp during this time period we are currently in.

“Hope”, which is track four on Negro Swan, features Puff Daddy and Tei Shi. Tei Shi was featured on one of our Songs of The Week in case you wanted to hear more songs from the artist. Tei Shi leads majority of the song with Puff Daddy adding background vocals. Tei Shi sings wonderfully on “Hope”, the production gives offers a lot to her sound and leads way to Puff Daddy talking. Puff Daddy confessing his fears and concerns about love and where to go from his current situation.

Janet Mock, whom is a Transgender Rights Activist, American Writer and TV host for several different shows, gives a monologue on “Jewelry” about getting into spaces where some may say others don’t belong. Her voice lays on top of a saxophone and transitions into Dev Hynes singing a chorus. “Jewelry” has a second half of the song that comes off as bragging but quickly goes into a Dev saying “Got big books but I’m broke, I’m broke”. The confidence of the second song is dope.

Easily one of my favorite songs on this album, “Chewing Gum” features A$AP Rocky and includes a sample from Project Pat. Dev Hynes says that “Chewing Gum” is a metaphor about being tired of a handful of things and getting riled up about it, the song is covered by the oral sex title. A$AP Rocky hoping on this song talking about his ex-lover and using foreplay with words is what makes ASAP prefect for this song. The ending with another Project Pat sample, chopped and screwed, is a great outro for this track,

“Minette Creek” touches on sexual identity and being comfortable in your own skin. “Minette Creek” is a quick song and can be easily missed coming in at two second under two minutes. The musical air of “Minette Creek” is interesting because of the instruments being used. The moments me of Steely Dan in a way.

Blood Orange, some people call them Emotional Oranges, has a feel albums out but taking the opportunity to listen to Negro Swan was a great decision. Blood Orange made this album to talk about or touch on LGBT issues and love. The words and inclusion of Janet Mock gives insight and research material for listeners.

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