My favorite designs and ideas are surrounded in honest and truth. I stumbled upon a clothing brand called Broken Promises. From first appearance they seem to be a bitter clothing line. In their about page is about trusting no one and understanding that promises are going to broken. Sad but connects to a certain level of reality. We promise ideas of love and affection at times they don’t hold true. This is especially true for our generation. Broken Promises recently released a new set filled with tie dye designs and warm gear. My favorite design so far is the super simple but carefully designed Post Script Long Sleeve Tee.

I searched the site a bit, didn’t see much on material of the shirt. Fabric is important but I understand to others not so much. They also have a tie dye that I mentioned early but it is only on one half of the shirt. The split is eye catching and is a good staple of a design. Broken Promises creates a subtle wave in the logo similar to a ocean.

Broken Promises items are selling out fast for a first year brand. Which makes sense given their style and unique design. I am looking forward to seeing more of their pieces for thee future, as of right now though better buy what you can.

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