Nike, the name itself says a bookful. Nike is a synonym for athletes, hard work, championships, legends, and anything else that is sports related. But Nike did not start at that point. Nike started off as Blue Ribbon sports but later switched their name to Nike in 1971 due to a deal change with Onitsuka Tiger, shoe company. Onitsuka Tiger is now Asics. Fast Forward to the two things that make Nike, Nike, the phrase Just Do It and the swoosh logo. The agency Wieden+Kennedy collaborated with Nike to do many advertising for the media. The co founder Wieden threw the slogan Just Do It to Nike from the inspiration of Gary Gilmore, who was execute,but before he was he said Let’s do It. The Swoosh logo was designed by Carolyn Davidson whom was a student at the time at Portland State University. At the end, Phil Knight didn’t love the logo but said it will grow on him.

Skip a few chapters and we are now in present day and Nike rakes in 25.3 billion in revenue. They have driven their brand to only touch and relate to top-notch athletes. Some of the outstanding athletes they have sponsored and endorsed are Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan (whom has a Lifetime Contract), Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, and the NFL among other companies and players. Nike is a word that is synonymous with being fit, and top class in sports. Go in to any gym and you will see most people wearing Nike. The reason why is because they made u believe in the brand and what it stands for. Nike creates new technology every year and they do it with style and a finesse that we all feel. With that technology Nike encourages and pushes us to that next level. We love them for it as well.

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