The progressively growing Nova has released his album with the title Nomad. I have high hopes for this album but will it meet the unsuspecting criteria of other listeners?

Nova who has been known more for his music production for artist like Dutchboy and 6lack, released a 10 track album that is filled with vibes and honest lyrics.

Stand out songs from Nomad are “Baby I Put On”, “Ride”, “I Ain’t Having It” “Upgrade interlude”, “Don’t Feel The Same”.

“Baby I Put On” is smooth and full of vibes, I often find myself playing this on a night drive. Nova balances the perfect blend of lyrics and instrumentals. “Baby I Put On” is track number five on Nomad.

“Upgrade” may be my favorite song on Nomad. Drums and clap slap to vibrate your eardrums on this song. Nova keeps his lyrics simple but relatable to anyone that is listening.

“Ride” serves as the intro to the album as well as the theme for Nomad. Nova’s voice comes off airy and gives a strong beat progression during the middle of the song. I honestly replayed this song a few times before I moved on to the next one.

Nova’s strong suit in this album is his beat production but he can still sing and rap quite well over his own beats. I give Nomad an 8 out of 10. I might be bias because I have been waiting on this album for awhile now, so I am more than elated for this. How did you feel about Nomad? Leave a comment below of what you think of it.

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