Highly waited for, Cousin Stizz drops One Night Only. If you havent listened to it yet, just know that Cousin Stizz goes.

Stand Out songs are “Jealous”, “Lambo”, “Switch Places”, “Paid” and “Jo Bros”.

“Jealous”, the closing track for One Night Only and my favorite track. “Jealous” is a triumphant song to making progress and overcoming adversity. Cousin Stizz does go off on this track and makes you feel his pain. His lyrics go deep for example,

I ain’t lyin
I been on my ass and made it fine
Committed to this shit I’ll walk the line
Used to have no heat in winter time
But It’s your time
It’s your time
Voices in my head say it’s your time
Roaches in the food I can’t eat at dinner time
Now I’m ballin in LA that’s the power of the mind

“Jealous” is the type of song you play when your back is against the wall. This is where Cousin Stizz excels.

One of Cousin Stizz’s popular singles for One Night Only, “Lambo” has Stizz trying new ad libs. The song is more enjoyable in a car or good headphones. In “Lambo” Stizz talks about grinding hard enough to only to buy a Lamborghini but to also push it to the limits.

The bass in “Paid” is crazy. “Paid” goes off while driving, when the bass finally drops and your car suddenly reaches 90 MPH for some reason. “Paid” is speaking into existent positive vibes as well as money.

When listening to One Night Only you can tell Stizz was experimenting with different approaches to songs and trying new things. One Night Only is on par with Monda but has more human parts to it. On “Pullup” Cousin Stizz goes deep into love and affection with a woman. I give One Night Only a solid 3 out of 5 Tau symbols. One Night Only is by far not a bad album, just expected more from One Night Only. Give One Night Only a listen and tell me what you think about it.

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