The aggressive depressed rapper Nav gave us an album/mixtape assisted by Metro Boomin.

Feeling much different than his previous work, Nav worked with Metro Boomin to release Perfect Timing. Nav announced this project a week or two ago, excited about Perfect Timing, gave it a listen now lets dive into it.

Stand out songs are “Did You See Nav?”, “Need Some”, “Navuzimetro Pt. 2”, “Held Me Down” and “Minute”

“Held Me Down” is close as you’ll get to a love song from Nav for now. Nav keeps his word to a woman that stayed loyal to him no matter how far he fell. Type of song to make you run down memory lane if you have a woman in your past like that.

On “Minute”, Nav shows up with two features, Offset from Migos and Playboi Carti. Nav makes a witty touch on Pierre’s tagline. Nav still continues his aggression by threatening to punch lames in their mouth with his diamonds. Offset and Playboi Carti adds a nice touch to the song, especially Carti because this type of beat is right up his alley. Notice the different taglines for Pi’erre Bourne.

Gucci Mane, the legend, aides Nav on Need Some. Nav showcases his Trap/ drug use lyrics while bragging about his success. Gucci Mane shines on this beat with lines,

Guwop a dog, I need a collar and a mink coat

Nav can be repetitive in subject matter but his features and music production makes you forget that. Nav has high hopes and has made good connections in The Weeknd and Metro Boomin. I’m going to give this album a 3.5 out of 5 TAU symbols. Especially with so much music dropping this week doesn’t really hold its weight. I still will be playing this album throughout the weekend though.

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