Over the last year or so, we have seen basketball players become fashion models when they walk into the stadium. One of the most fashion basketball players of them all is Russell Westbrook. So much so, that he decided to make himself a brand and start a Sunglass company called Westbrook Frames. With Westbrook having this brand time passed and he ended up collaborating with True Religion on a collection. The prices are normal True Religion prices but with a Westbrook twist. Many of the denim jeans are distressed at the knees and thighs and the shirts have True Religion material with the Westbrook logo. If you can afford it, nice to have.

I saw the ad for the collaboration and was excited for Westbrook’s growth. Anyone that has seen him dress before the game and into walk throughs knows he likes wearing certain closes. I think this is a good look for him though and look forward to what is next for him.

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