Sbtrkt (pronouned subtract) released an album this week titled “Save Yourself” and it is a great listen.

“Save Yourself”, only has four guest appearances, The Dream, D.R.A.M, Mabel and the always present Sampha. The album has eight songs that are a total of 25 mins worth of ideas and reflection. I Feel Your Pain, Good Morning and Ready Or Not are some of the best songs on the project.

Good Morning shows the details of love at a high point. Terius Nash shares his joy of being married and what he plans for his future. The beat is triumphant and made for a glorious ceremony. It is also good to hear from The Dream, before this we heard him on Pusha-T’s album. I Feel Your Pain is my favorite song on the album currently. D.R.A.M gets right into it as the song begins. I Feel Your Pain is to let people know that you are not the only one to go through something or is going though something. Mabel gives her perspective on the topic of repeatedly being hurt and returning for more. At some point you have to get over it. Ready Or Not is a beat layer instrumental filled with highs and lows. The song does not disrupt from the flow of the album. It can be seen as an intermission before the last song Bury You.

“Save Yourself” deserves 4 out of 5 TAU symbols. Not too many features, not to many songs and the topic carried through out the album is personal. Touches on great angles. The songs are really good and this is great if your looking for new music. Enjoy.

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