Wale’s fifth studio album Shine released on April 28th and it has been a long time since an album from DC native. Wale’s last album “The Album About Nothing” was released almost two years ago and many of his fans have been awaiting new material.

The Standout songs on Shine, are “Fish N Grit”, “Running Back”, “Scarface Rozay Gotti”, and “Colombia Heights”.

“Columbia Heights” is an interesting song because Wale has Spanish singer, J Balvin, on the song singing in Spanish. Half of the song I didn’t know what J Balvin was saying but Wale’s lyrics were pretty good. “Columbia Heights” is honestly good enough to be a single on its own.

“Fish N Grits” is easily a favorite, featuring Travis Scott. The album is said to be first made during Travis Scott’s Rodeo era. Travis Scott delivers and Wale still can rap with his style. The best part of this is the sharing of verses. When rapping they shuffle their bars together.

Overall, Shine gets a 3.5 out of 5 Tau symbols from me. The album is pretty good but feels like there is something missing from this project. Wale seems to be forever underrated since he made the move to a bigger stage. The singles do set up a good tone for the album, just feel like the album fell short.

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