What is Tauology?

Tauology, at this point is a Clothing line inspired by TAU. TAU has a double meaning. Tau is the initials of the creator, Thomas A. Ussery and it is also the 19th letter in the greek alphabet. Tauology is the study of Tau the creator, you the consumer and life as it surrounds us.

Our designs are inspired by our life as art and royalty. Every design in someway fully connects to a part of our life and what influences us.

TAU was borned and raised in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Phoenix, Arizona for college. At the time college didn’t work out so well. Going through hard times in adulthood he learned to reinvent himself and find ways to be creative. Tauology is the result of growth.

*** Bonus ***

Tau is about royalty, self awareness and depression. Royalty, every single person has an royalty within them, we aim to make ourselves aware of that royalty. Self-awareness, every person is an individual and different from the next person. You are who you are and we want to help you. Depression, as humans we get sad while others may fall into a state of depression. We, as a brand, want to let others know you are not alone in this struggle.