Not much for new releases but I always have hidden gems.

Life of A Soundcloud Rapper – Alex Cade

Heard about Alex Cade Via twitter, we chopped it up a bit and shared things. This is the project before his newest project coming in September. Keep a look out.

Poison – Kristien Owens

Ran into an Instagram ad with the cover art to Stuck by Kristien Owens. I usually skip these but I decided to give this a listen. This Stuck project is pretty hard, if you don’t believe me get it a listen.

Might Be – T-Pain Featuring Gucci Mane

I am glad T-Pain is making his way back to the public eye. He did a Pull Up interview with Joe Budden and has dropped music here and there.

Don’t Belong Here – Amir Obe

I’ve been following Amir Obe for a few years now, really ever since Happening In The Grey Area. So every time I see Amir pop up with something new I get geeked.

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