Recently was shared an album by Hikeii almost a month ago by Lido and J’Von. This album is so smooth.

Lido has returned from his previous album with Spacesuit, which is a collab effort featuring J’Von. J’Von does spoken word as well as rap, the words he uses on Spacesuit are efficient and through enough to get the point across. I am honestly upset I haven’t heard of this guy before. But let’s get into this album as a whole though.

Loving someone is important but do you love your sneakers more is the question J’Von proposes on “Sneakerhead”. With the help of Towkio, J’von does an amazing job of expressing how his girl loves shoes and he loves his prose but they still find love for one another. J’Von describes love lost but still lays out the idea of hope. There was happiness and surpise by Lido laying a verse on this song, given how things ended on his Everywhere album.

Lido’s production is amazing especially on “Westin”. Honestly, there isn’t a miss in production on this album at all. I wasn’t to happy with J’Von lyrics, at one point I felt he was collecting his thoughts on the track. Which if that was the intent cool. He floated on the song not holding back. J’Von sounds bitter or upset over the woman that missed the change to be his fiance.

“Stay With Me” and “Time and Space” sound like a track that were revamped from the Everything album. “Stay With Me” has the female character leaving while J’Von was at work and leaving him to look for closure. Easily a favorite track for anyone. “Time and Space” closes Spacesuit in a Lido vocal/piano solo. Reminds me of “You Lost Your Keys” without the change of range.

I love Lido’s style and I don’t here from him often except when he is working with Jaden Smith. First time hearing of J’Von but after listening to Spacesuit and reading his lyrics he is now on my radar. After I played this album for a friend he said “Sounds like a soulful Nujabes”. That is saying a lot and I wouldn’t disagree with him to much. You can listen to these album on either Apple Music, Tidal or Spotify.

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Allen Forney · June 15, 2018 at 9:44 pm

I will have to give the Stay with me a listen.

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