Im not really into RnB but when Instagram presents me with interesting cover art nothing else to do besides listen.

Today we have a Five track EP called Stuck by Kristien Owens. The five tracks in order of tracklist is “Carried Away”, “Poison”, “Challenge”, “Prescription” and “When The Times Right”. The album is very smooth, great for night drives and chilling with your lover. Enough of hyping the project lets dig straight into it.

“Challenge” was the first song that caught my attention, the RnB song features Aye! Mitch! and Lauren Ivory. “Challenge” is an interesting take of encountering a woman and having her resist the urge to fall for your charm. The production of the beat slaps and Kristien Owens vocals cover the song really well.

Everything happens for a reason and somethings come down to timing. In “When The Times Right” Kristien Owens gives a brief and quick run down of his life. How he could of been a ball player if he would of done better in school, still getting girls even if he was working at a steak house, moving from a little room to his own one bedroom apartment, he breaks down his come up on pace of the beat.

If Stuck has to have a single it would be “Carried Away”. Catchy hook, smooth beat pattern with a slight mix and what sounds like a classic sample in the background, can’t go wrong with this setup. Kristien Owens sounds super G on this song, the scenario is he doesn’t sweat the small stuff and he is not going to get out of character because a woman is questioning him.

I didn’t talk about “Poison” because I believe that some songs deserves to be listened without my input. Stuck is a gem if I ever found one. I enjoyed listening to this project, perfect for late night drives or just getting into the mood for a date. Stuck currently can only be found on soundcloud at the moment so listen for free and leave a comment.

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